To transform the world means to transform ourselves.

One is nourishment for the other. Both are equally needed.

In a world whose pace brings too many of us to overwork, sacrificing our personal lives, losing motivation and energy, taking care of ourselves and each other is a radical act. We don’t need to keep this pace, to perpetuate a culture that was never meant to serve our self and collective well-being. 

We have choices and we do not have to do this alone.

Hi, I’m Dani! I bring politicized coaching in service of social transformation. I accompany change-makers and movement builders to create inside-out sustainable social change.

I’m here to be your partner along the journey of making your vision a reality!

I use coaching as a tool for holding space for your process of coming back to yourself, identifying, voicing out and embodying your needs, desires, and vision for the future, while also remaining connected to your communities and the wider social context. Change happens at the intersection of social context, personal and collective histories, and geographies. My intention is to support you to strengthen your capacity to better relate to yourself, your relationships, and the change you want to create. 

Wherever you are in your process, I am happy to meet you there.

A longer term 1 on 1 partnership focused on diving deep into what you want to transform.

What would it mean for you to be witnessed without judgment, and supported with care and kindness in your transformation journey?

Let’s talk!

A small, intimate, group of 5-7 people meeting twice a month, for 6 months, to build community, solidarity, and accompany each other in their leadership.

Can we transform with and through each other?

Join the waitlist!

One off sessions work well with folks that I already have a working relationship with: we know how this works, so we can go directly to the core of the subject you are bringing in! What needs to be composted? What needs your focus and energy so that it grows further?

Let’s meet!

Dani was with me during a search period and helped me a lot to better understand what I want and what my priorities are. I am very grateful to them for being patient, for adapting to my schedule and needs every time, and for making me feel safe throughout this journey. I discovered with Dani what the ideal world I would like to live in is and how I could get closer to it every day. And most importantly, I learned to pay attention to my body’s signals and stop what I’m doing in order to respond to those signals. What particularly helped me was the way Dani managed to enter my world and speak the same language as me. I think it’s a quality that few people have. I highly recommend coaching sessions with Dani and I am very glad that we met. I think we all need a Dani in our lives.


”All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you.

The only lasting truth is change.”

– Octavia Butler- Parable of the Sower

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