I am an activist turned coach for social justice. I’ve spent more than 10 years contributing to queer, trans, feminist, climate & social justice movements. I’ve been through different cycles of relating to my activism: from finding meaning and belonging, to feeling disillusioned and heartbroken, from the frontlines, to the backstage, from wanting to change the world to struggling to transform myself-  and everything in between.

My experience shaped me deeply, and left me with a longing for a world where we recognise the multi layered realities we all experience, where we prioritize our and each other’s autonomy and self determination in all aspects, where we deeply listen, hold unconditional positive regard for ourselves and others, and make space to radically transform ourselves and the world around us. Whether I am in a coaching partnership, or facilitating group processes I am committed to relational learning that creates more freedom inside-out.

Like yours, my reality is multi-layered, with nuances that I am still uncovering. I’m a human in exploration, a curious being with a love for silence, nature, and the unknown. A moon lover, a somatics/embodiment student. A queer, non binary person. I was born in post-revolution Romania in the 90s and currently live in Belgium. 

I’m a professional coach, trainer and facilitator. I do consulting for strategy development, inclusion work, as well as accompaniment and learning processes.





unconditional love





As a coach, I will do my work to be as fully myself as I can in relating with you, so you can have space to fully bring yourself in. I will regard you as a whole being that already has all they need to find solutions to their challenges. I will never try to save you, change you, or tell you what to do. I’ll follow your lead, listen and hold the space so that your inner knowing, your creativity, and resilience surface. Coaching is a bit like magic, and it requires us both to be present, open, connected and willing to do the work.


If I wasn’t a coach and facilitator I’d be: a plant based cook


I can’t live without: sleep & connection


Favourite medicinal plant: nettles!


I’m a Libra sun, Cancer rising, Leo moon


I’m an introverted with extroverted abilities


A book that changed my work: Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown


Currently reading and loving: On becoming a person by Carl Rogers


Catch me watching the moon and the stars at any given opportunity

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